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Our carefully crafted flavours provide the perfect sweet escape and afford you an unforgettable experience; delivered. Truly pleasing to your eyes and tantalizing to your taste buds.

Get ready to indulge!

Summer Roseberry

Rosemary infused cake, strawberry compote, chopped fresh rosemary and smooth vanilla buttercream. This is flavour sophistication in a jar.  The subtle lemon-pine and slightly peppery flavours of the rosemary pairs beautifully with our strawberry compote.  This trifle offers an explosion of flavours and embodies all the feels of a warm summer day.

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lavender infused vanilla cake, vegan lemon curd and buttercream trifle in a jar garnished with lavender buds

Lemon Sunrise

Moist lavender infused vanilla cake, vegan lemon curd with smooth buttercream.  The tart  sour taste of lemon pairs beautifully with the sweet and floral lavender bites welcomed by the surprise of subtle yet noticeable coconut notes.  Besides making your mouth water, the delicious, fresh and clean taste of this trifle instantly transports you to a moment when the morning sun ray beams down on your face while songbirds treat you to a sweet serenade. 


With love, Scarlet

Our irresistible and all time customer favourite red velvet cake, creamy cheesecake and smooth buttercream.  If there is a flavour match made in heaven then this is it.  The mild cocoa notes of the red velvet cake goes amazingly well with the creamy tang of the cheesecake.  This luxury trifle exudes sophistication, multifacetedness and begs to be devoured pinky up. 


To Chai For

Warm spiced cake, crunchy hazelnut shortbread meringue and nutmeg buttercream.  The warm and cozy notes of this spiced cake melts in your mouth and transports you to your happy place. Well, only until the jar is finished.  You're welcome!

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Chocolate Dream

Decadent chocolate cake, smooth dark chocolate ganache, chocolate crispearls, rich brownie chunks and chocolate buttercream.  OH MY! This is happiness in a jar.  NO, literally. Taste it and see.  Select one, nothing to regret here. 

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Vanilla Bourbon and Cream

Bourbon infused cake, creamy custard and brown sugar buttercream. The caramel and spice notes of the bourbon is mellowed by vanilla bean speckled creamy custard and buttercream; nostalgic and comforting.  This trifle is sure to make any day feel special.

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Love Notes

My house smells delicious. These cookies look like they sparkle. I made 6 dozen for friends and family. Your recipes rock!


Honestly, I have never tried anything this delicious! The Island Chai is a unique flavour. The crunchy bits which consists of nuts were my favourite part! It is the perfect sweetness and the flavours collide and create an out of this world experience for your taste buds.


Girlllllll....the cake was dammmn gooooddd. OMG Fran, you are the bomb!!! Dammmmn!


Amazing Amazing Amazing! Loving the ebook! Layout is beautiful and the treats make my mouth water.


THANK YOU sooooo much for the luxury trifles. I absolutely loved the Boxed n Bougie experience. My hubby and I ate all four! They were so delicious.


The To Chai For trifle was out of this world. I've never had something so good and it was the perfect size. So delicious!


Fran is absolutely fantastic, As a busy mom and business owner I completely forgot to place my birthday order. Fran went above and beyond to message me to make sure I got my order in, in time for my birthday. My birthday guests all loved the individual trifles and were surprised at how tasty the flavor combinations were. I can't wait for the next celebration! Fran, be ready I'm calling you :)


Thanks Fran! You have helped revive my love for baking.


Fran, your dessert was a huge hit! The twins keep talking about the Chocolate Dream. Thank you for the cute decoration and all the extra candles and spoons. It was such a nice treat!!




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