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Collection: Luxury Trifles

These luxury mini trifles are mouth watering and delicious. Fran’s carefully crafted flavours provide the perfect sweet escape and afford you an unforgettable taste experience. They are truly pleasing to your eyes and tantalizing to your taste buds.

Get ready to indulge!


  • Luxury Trifle Box of 4 - $60.00
  • Luxury Trifle Box of 6 - $80.00

What's in your Luxury Trifle Box? 

Chocolate Dream

Decadent chocolate cake, smooth dark chocolate ganache, chocolate crispearls, rich brownie chunks and chocolate buttercream. OH MY! This is happiness in a jar. NO, literally. Taste it and see. Select one, nothing to regret here. 


To Chai For

Warm spiced cake, crunchy hazelnut shortbread meringue and nutmeg buttercream. The warm and cozy notes of this spiced cake melts in your mouth and transports you to your happy place. Well, only until the jar is finished. You're welcome!


Amber Romance

Moist carrot cake, creamy cheesecake, orange zest and creamy buttercream. The carrot cake is given new life by the creamy tang of the cheesecake and citrusy punch of the orange zest. A match made in culinary heaven. They do a sweet waltz on your taste buds, leaving you wanting more.


Vanilla Bourbon and Cream

Bourbon infused cake, creamy custard and brown sugar buttercream. The caramel and spice notes of the bourbon is mellowed by vanilla bean speckled creamy custard and buttercream; nostalgic and comforting. This trifle is sure to make any day feel special.


Autumn Comfort

Moist vanilla cake, apple jam, crunchy granola with smooth vanilla buttercream. The warm spicy and tangy notes of the apple jam against the backdrop of a classic granola crunch is the epitome of Autumn Comfort. Allow these flavours to remind you of long Autumn walks through the crisp breeze and the sounds of rustling leaves.


Beyond Pecan Pie

Mocha infused vanilla cake, nostalgic pecan pie chunks, decadent dark chocolate pieces and creamy mocha buttercream. Yes! This is not your Granny's pecan pie! It breaks the rules and is packed with flavours that pair so well. This luxury trifle is not Granny approved.                                            


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