Large Baby Box
Large Baby Box
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Large Baby Box

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Help recipients celebrate the joy of new beginnings with our "Large Baby Box," a luxurious gift ensemble curated by Fran Murray Co. Designed to pamper both baby and parent alike, this collection features essential items crafted with care from local women-owned brands. The items are elegantly packaged in a charming cotton basket with handles, making it an ideal gift for baby showers or welcoming a newborn.

Inside the Box:

1. Knitted Llama:
Welcome baby with a cuddly knitted llama, a whimsical companion that adds a touch of charm to any nursery. Soft and adorable, this llama becomes a cherished playmate for the little one.

2. Timi and Mila's Sitz Bath:
Support postpartum recovery with Timi and Mila's Sitz Bath, a soothing blend crafted by a local women-owned brand. Formulated to ease discomfort and promote healing, this essential aids in recovery after childbirth.

3. Timi and Mila's Nipple Cream:
Nourish and protect with Timi and Mila's Nipple Cream, another thoughtful creation from a local women-owned brand. Designed for breastfeeding mothers, this cream provides relief and moisturizes sensitive skin, supporting breastfeeding success.

4. Moon Mama's Postpartum Mesh Underwear:
Ensure comfort and convenience with Moon Mama's Postpartum Mesh Underwear, expertly designed by a local women-owned brand. Offering breathable support and ease during the postpartum period, these underwear are essential for new mothers.

5. Kala Beauty's Lip Balm and Body Lotion:
Pamper mom with Kala Beauty's Lip Balm and Body Lotion, locally crafted by a minority women-owned brand. Infused with natural ingredients, these products hydrate and nourish skin, providing a moment of relaxation amidst new responsibilities.

6. Soft Grey Plush Blanket:
Wrap baby in warmth with a soft grey plush blanket, perfect for cuddling and providing comfort during naptime or outings. This blanket becomes a cozy staple in baby's nursery.

Why Choose the Large Baby Box?

  • Support for Women-Owned Businesses: Every item in the Large Baby Box is sourced from local women-owned brands, supporting entrepreneurship and community empowerment.
  • Luxurious Presentation: Packaged in a stylish cotton basket with handles, this set makes a beautiful and practical gift for baby showers or welcoming a newborn.
  • Quality and Comfort: Featuring trusted brands like Timi and Mila, Moon Mama, and Kala Beauty, this gift ensures high-quality products that prioritize safety, comfort, and well-being.
  • Complete Gift Solution: Whether for personal use or as a thoughtful gesture, the Large Baby Box offers everything needed to start the parenting journey with care and joy.

Embrace New Beginnings

Celebrate the precious moments of parenthood with the Large Baby Box from Fran Murray Co. This curated collection promises comfort, support, and cherished memories.

Order the Large Baby Box today and gift a luxurious experience that welcomes new beginnings with warmth and care!