Charcuterie Wicker Basket Set Large

Charcuterie Wicker Basket Set Large

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Our "Charcuterie Wicker Basket Set-Large," is meticulously curated and presented in a three compartment wicker basket, this lavish assortment of artisanal snacks promises an unforgettable journey that delights the senses.

Inside the Basket:

1. Two Shelf Stable Cheeses:
Savor the creamy richness and distinctive flavors of two carefully selected shelf stable cheeses. Perfectly complementing each other, these cheeses are ideal for pairing with the accompanying treats or enjoying on their own as a gourmet delight.

2. Maple Pecans:
Delight in the sweet and savory crunch of our maple-glazed pecans, expertly roasted and coated in luscious maple syrup. A delectable treat that adds a touch of luxury to every bite.

3. Green Olives:
Enjoy the Mediterranean flavors of premium green olives, marinated to perfection for a burst of tangy and briny goodness. An essential addition for enhancing the tasting experience.

4. Jar of Chutney:
Indulge in the harmonious blend of sweet and savory flavors with our jar of artisanal chutney. Crafted using the finest ingredients, it serves as a versatile accompaniment to cheeses, crackers, and more.

5. Local Canadian White Wine:
Raise a glass to celebration with a bottle of local Canadian white wine, selected to perfectly complement the flavors of the charcuterie assortment. This crisp and refreshing wine enhances the overall dining experience.

6. Crackers:
Enjoy the perfect pairing with a selection of gourmet crackers, carefully chosen to complement the cheeses and chutney. Each cracker offers a crisp texture and neutral flavor that allows the other flavors to shine.

7. Wooden Handle Cheese Knife:
Enhance your cheese tasting experience with a stylish and functional wooden handle cheese knife. Designed for precision and elegance, it effortlessly cuts through cheeses, ensuring every slice is perfect.

8. Hotplate:
Add a touch of practical elegance with a hotplate made by a local Canadian brand. This versatile accessory ensures your cheeses stay at the perfect temperature, enhancing your charcuterie experience.

Why Choose the Charcuterie Wicker Basket Set-Large?

  • Luxurious Assortment: From the cheeses to the accompaniments, every item in this set is chosen for its premium quality and exceptional taste.
  • Ideal for Entertaining: Whether hosting a gathering, celebrating a special occasion, or sending a memorable gift, this large basket set is designed to impress and delight.
  • Support Local: Featuring products from Canadian artisans and brands, this set not only showcases local craftsmanship but also supports the community.
  • Complete Experience: With everything needed for a gourmet charcuterie spread, including wine and a hotplate, this set ensures a comprehensive and enjoyable culinary experience.

Create Unforgettable Moments

Celebrate in style and sophistication with the "Charcuterie Wicker Basket Set-Large," where every element is thoughtfully curated to deliver moments of joy and indulgence. Perfect for sharing with loved ones or treating yourself to a luxurious experience.

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